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New Normals Ahead

I feel like at this time, more than any other in our lifetime, we can relate a little bit to Noah. Not perfectly, but in a big way none-the-less. He boarded a ship and the floodwaters filled the earth. He had no say in what happened, he only did what he was told; obeying God down to the last and smallest detail. Then he sat in his ark, full of animals, sharing tight quarters with just his family... He had no idea when the quarantine would end. He didn't know what the world would be like when it ended. He had no answers, he simply had to wait. There would be an ending, there would be a new normal, there would be life after the ark -- but for a while he just waited. What he did for the 40 days of raining and for the 150 days that the floodwaters took over the earth, I do not know. But I can think about what we are doing in this time of quarantine. Are we using this time to encourage the creative side of ourselves? Are we finding new ways to connect with family members who share our

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